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A Alliance That Slays Together
Stays Together

The primary feature of Legion: The Eternal War – the fuel for the story, mechanics, and environment – is the alliance system.


In the game’s world, the continent of Rhyfell, a society of elves and humans have been driven to civil war, as each side battles for the magical power that resides at the center of their land.

In the full release of the game, players will begin as a “Traveler,” a neutral refugee. After a tutorial and linear story section, they will be able to select their alliance. In the game’s alpha build, this introduction will likely be skipped, and new players will be able to choose their faction upon arrival. Join your favorite alliance and engage in a massive, multi-faceted conflict over the future of the realm.

Human Alliance

Humans are strong, ambitious, and brave. They are a diverse, yet unified culture that prides itself on industry and progress. Humans fight the Eternal War to claim the magic of Rhyfell to improve the well-being of their people.

Elf Alliance

Elves are wise, caring, and independent. They are outcasts, living to preserve a dying light. Elves fight the Eternal War to use the magic of Rhyfell to empower the land and let life flourish in freedom.

Fight For Honor

Legion: The Eternal War uses a unique reputation point system , This system can affect many aspects of the game.

Accumulate fame and glory for defeating enemies from the opposing alliance.


If you choose, you may slay your teammates, but you will lose points for doing so.

Alliance System

Legion’s Alliance system will be its driving force; the entire premise of the game in all its aspects. The population (consisting of both PCs and NPCs) is divided into two sides: the humans and the elves. In the final, release version of the game, players will begin as neutral “traveler” characters--refugees from a foreign territory. They will spend the opening hours of the game learning about the two sides, understanding the conflict, deciding which alliance they wish to join. When they make their decision, they commit to one side in the game’s conflict. This decides their role in PvP, PvE, and the overarching narrative.

Main Story

The primary plotline of Legion centers around its premise, incorporating its strengths into its narrative. Since the primary draw of the game is PvP in a traditional fantasy setting, the narrative focus surrounds the two alliances battling for control of the magical power at the center of their land. Players are then motivated by the story to engage in the gameplay to explore the environment. They will fight for their side, and uncover the mystery and intrigue at the center of the story in an organic, thrilling narrative.


Setting up the game’s story requires a rich history, one that establishes all of the pieces of the game’s world for the player to enjoy. Lore for more than sixty years of in-game backstory has been outlined and implemented within the Legion’s narrative and environment, shaping the game’s design in numerous ways. Every aspect of the world, from its population to its landscape, from its combat to its themes, from its music to its monsters, has a story-based purpose for existing.