Legion: The Eternal War

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What is Legion: The Eternal War?

Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players create their characters, join alliances, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend. The game will be filled with entertaining stories, rewarding progression systems, and refined mechanics. All of this is presented to produce a memorable experience highlighted by social interaction and nail-biting tension.
The game also features dual systems relating to PvE and PvP, both playstyles will take place on the same server.

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The “Never Fall” tournament

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We want to hear from you!

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Sharpen those swords for Alpha Phase 3!

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You don’t get to be great without a victory


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Legion: The Eternal War Crowdfunding Campaign

Legion: The Eternal War needs your help to successfully enter early access on steam, we plan to be published on steam early access this september but it will not happen without the support of our community.

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