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What is Legion: The Eternal War?

There is something about a living and breathing world that keeps you coming back. To be lost in wonder under the stars of a new realm, the thrill of conquering a world by sword and blade. In the glut of modern games, few go heavy on lore and world-building. Our heart was to create the MMORPG we’ve always wanted, one that leaves us thinking long after we log off. A game where the community has a real voice in the direction it takes. Nexus Division is crafting a story-rich world that showcases the struggle between two dueling factions.

Join our BETA and lend your voice to the conversation. We’re making this game for you!

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Floating Castle

Build an Empire

Legion is designed with guilds and team progression in mind. Fight rivals for loot, build castles and towns, hoard gold.

In the daytime, players clash in the streets and guilds find themselves challenging each other in open combat and thunderous arenas. At night players find themselves journeying deep into the rift to find out why the realms have started to coalesce.

Golem's Deep

Vanquish the Evil

Rhyfell hasn’t always been in the state you’ll see upon starting your quest. The peace was broken decades earlier when a rift between the worlds burst from under the ground.

Team up with friends or be a lone-wolf as you face the horrifying forces that await you within the rift. This is your time to have a voice in the stories we tell and the creation of Rhyfell.

True PvPvE Experience

Roleplaying often takes the backseat to PvP and we understand that. While PvP is a huge part of Legion, we know PvE is why many gamers log on to play MMORPGs.

With unique progression system that keeps track of all your actions to passively level your characters as they play. This system makes role-playing a blast.

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