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Closed Beta Testing
You will not find another game with this much potential!

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Top 7 reasons to join Legion: The Eternal War?

     1. Do you miss laughing and having fun while you play RPG games? 

You will find stories, intriguing personalities, and fascinating places to keep you wondering what is around the next corner.

     2. Want PvP with a twist? 

Defend your faction in a hostile war. Beat the opposing side to untold powers and mysteries within the already dangerous Rift. 

     3. Tired of PvP first games?

You will live and breathe a medieval life in your quest to save Rhyfell. Discover the mysteries via questing and exploration!

     4. Worried about time-sink games or falling behind when you can’t play? 

The endgame is about specializing your character with a fluid stat and skill system, not about hours of work to get the next best gear.

     5. Want a video game that gives you them feel-good vibes? 

You can have your own home, farm animals, personalized character, and most importantly your reputation to the community. Become well known!

     6. Pay2Win games have you feeling down? 

Enjoy a shop that is cosmetics only. Who doesn’t love some extra flair? Find the look just for you and your home.

     7. Feel unheard by developers even when they ask for feedback? 

Expect player influenced updates and open discussions here. This game is meant for you.

Join our BETA and lend your voice to the conversation. We’re making this game for you!

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Earn rewards for killing!

Rhyfell hasn’t always been in the state you’ll see upon starting your quest. The peace was broken decades earlier when a rift between the worlds burst from under the ground.

You will find yourself conflicting with the enemy alliance on a regular basis. Every kill you land will earn you Enemy Kill points. These points can be saved and spent to earn various rewards.

Don’t forget Cosmetics

Capes, headgear, armor, animals and more… You name it. We have huge plans for you to personalize and express yourself to our massive online community. Our backer packages will contain some of the first exclusive cosmetics that you will see in Legion: The Eternal War.

Keep a close eye on our development as we soon release our plans for the games cosmetics line. There is a high chance this is what you’ve been waiting for!

Player-Driven Economy

This will be the first game you’ve ever played which does not promote NPC characters buying or trading with coin-style currency. Legion focuses primarily on gold being a currency of only the players and items being a currency only known to NPCs.

A health potion from a player may cost you 10 bronze coin while a potion from the vendor may want several snake skins. This allows the players full control over the value of currency. How are coins created? Blacksmiths of course!

Role playing often takes the backseat to PvP and we understand that. While PvP is a huge part of Legion, we know PvE is why many gamers log on to play MMORPGs.

Welcome Community!

There is something about a living and breathing world that keeps you coming back to be lost in wonder under the stars of a new realm, the thrill of conquering a world by sword and blade. In the glut of modern games, few go heavy on lore and world-building. Our heart was to create the MMORPG we’ve always wanted, one that leaves us thinking long after we log off. A game where the community has a real voice in the direction it takes. Nexus Division is crafting a story-rich world that showcases the struggle between two dueling factions.

Visit Rhyfell TODAY! 

Dynamic Combat is what we need!  

Combat is the bread and butter to any video game and Legion Developers know that! We are working very hard to give you the best Player vs Player & Player vs Monster experience you’ve ever had!

Combat systems are in early development but as our backers continue to give feedback you will see some quick improvements. Our latest improvement is shield blocking! Hope to see you in game!

would like to thank you all for your trust in us!
We Are Crowdfunding

“We don’t get to be great without a victory!”

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