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Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players create their characters, join alliances, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend.

The World of Legion began with a rift, it was a massive surge of energy clustered in the core of the world that exploded and created a massive rift that split the world in half with its heart in the center, the rift forever marks the world with an unforgotten scar, the two alliances at war the take their place on each side of the division, players will have the chance to show dominance in enemy lands and lay waste to their foes on the battlefield, the title takes a strong consideration towards both PvP and PvE aspects of gameplay and will be sure to incorporate fair gameplay for the two play styles within the same server.

Gameplay Features

  • Rewarding Competitive PvP Environment – A system which fuels the desire to kill within the land of Rhyfell, players will earn enemy kill points for each foe they lay waste too from the opposing alliance, these points will be saved and can be traded for valuable items and rewards.

  • Progression System – The game is designed to persuade the player in advancing his skills, the progression system will passively keep track of the players actions and overtime the skills which the player uses will level and allow better results when utilizing the particular skill.

  • PvP – PvE Environments – The choice is yours, easily switch from PvE zones to PvP combat zones, your alliance city acts as a barrier which keeps the opposing alliance outside the protected land of your people, however, bare in mind that with a coordinated attack the enemy alliance could breach the city walls, destroy all within sight and enter the PvE zone, in short – The PvE areas are protected by the PvP players.

  • Interactive Environment – The world is a puzzle – In order to progress you may need to do some thinking, the spells and abilities you know will assist you with exploring Rhyfell.

  • The Light Keeps You Safe – You will experience both a medieval world by day and the curse of the rift by night, since the opening of the portal of hell located at the center of the rift, the world has suffered greatly by its existence, as daylight turns to dusk the darkness spreads across the land making for an unpleasant experience for travelers, the world becomes filled with horrifying creatures and events which take place, once daylight breaches again the evil is returned to the rift and the world changes to its typical medieval environment.

  • Dynamic Combat System – Bows, Shields, Swords, Spells you name it… we will offer a huge variety of weaponry choices for Legion: The Eternal War, you will experience seamless gameplay with dramatic and intense encounters as you challenge each other’s ability to fight, but, players are not your only encounter you should worry about as the world will be filled with advanced AI systems really to put you skill to the test, join friends and fight together.

  • Guild Housing – Players can own and operate their own castle fortress as a team, a number of features are to accompany this system as we are planning on allowing climbable land zones for the player to build and craft as they please, You can lose your castle to a raid or take ownership of enemy fortresses with planned attacks.

  • Seasonal Change – Play within an immersive and quickly changing world as you experience seasonal changes based on a real time calendar, each season will impact the world in a different way.

  • Consequences – What would your actions mean if consequence had not existed? Players will find themselves able to do any action without rules within the game, we will allow everything we can think of and the choice is yours.

  • Criminal Status – The game is focused on two alliances at war, this means you could assume your alliance is friendly by default, while this may be true, players can opt towards criminal status and push away from their alliance, this criminal status is accompanied by a reputation system which distinguishes your loyalty towards your alliance.

  • Hunger and Thirst – Small survival aspects bring more meaning to crafting and cooking systems, you can expect minor affects from  hunger and thirst such as low health, mana and stamina regeneration, nothing similar to ark: surivial evolved.

  • Dynamic World – The world Rhyfell will undergo many changes as the main storyline becomes completed, some of which include day and night cycle changes, landscape changes and even NPC changes based on lore progression.

  • Terroirtal Zones – There are systems which keep track of the players actions as they play and progress, one of these systems are belonging to a node territorial system which counts players kills and deaths amongst particlar zones, whichever alliance holds the highest count owns the land, land ownership brings bonus’s to your alliance.

  • Politics – Guilds and alliances are often ruled by the person who created the guild, this can be easily changed by allowing the players who are ranked high enough to vote, you could switch your guild-leader every X amount of days if things are not working out correctly.

  • Economy – The backbone of buying power, you can expect to transform raw gold into tradable coins, open vending shops to sell your resources or even arrange consistent trade agreements with allianced guilds based on what high amounts of available resources you have in reach.

  • Immersive Storyline – Connect yourself with our lore as you not only learn history but you create it as well, players actions when dealing with the main global questline will impact the entire server, get ready to solve mysteries and puzzles as you struggle to cure Rhyfell of its curse.

  • Class System – The class system is solely based upon the stat choices of the players, items have requirements to equipped and fulfilling the requirements will determine the role of your character, this stat system accompanied with our progression system will make for a very customizable class system.

Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players can choose PvP or PvE and the rewarding aspects of PvP are what will drive the combat system to its fullest, players who kill from the opposite alliance will receive a reward EK point for each kill, these points can be used as currency with specific NPCs for unique rewards, however, with reward comes risk – You will experience a penalty for death with allows one-two items which may drop upon losing to an enemy from the opposite alliance, this risk is exempt from friendly fire kills and can be avoided by possessing a special rare item called the Zemstone Of Sacrifice, which takes the place of any item that could drop!

The World of Legion promotes players to engage in battle for land territory and even raids on guild castles and alliance cities themselves, players will experience many in-game events on a weekly bases such as City Vs City, Deathmatch, Guild Vs Guild and even Free For All.

PvP Events

City Vs City Event – A event which promotes war on the enemy city for the weekly win, players will engage war within the walls of the opposing cities for points per kill made during the event, the contributing factors to determine a win will include NPC’s killed, buildings damaged and even capture points secured for a totally insane battle, the winning alliance will receive rewards for their contributions along with a posting of the win on the front page of the website with a leadership board for players with the most kills, an MVP will be awarded for the highest contribution.

NPC kills include any character which is AI-controlled from the enemy alliance, take out their merchants so they cannot make purchases, destroy their entire economy and steal from their vendors, this is a war without rules! – Once an NPC is killed from the battle the players must contribute items to injured NPCs to bring them back to life before they become functional again!

Deathmath Event – This event is focused primarily on players fighting for EK Points without risk of death penalties, once the event is active you will not lose items on death and can only benefit from war, this event is well appreciated as players will have a chance to easily level combat passive skills and obtain rewards for kills accomplished

Guild Vs Guild Event – The choice is yours, register to compete in a tournament focused on guilds, players will battle against the opposing alliance guilds for the first, second and third place rewards, this event features no penalties for death along with entering the battle arena surrounded by hundreds of other players watching the event live!

Free For All – The players names and race become irrelevant as everyone enters the battle arena at once for a huge FFA event, you can respawn a total of three times until you are removed from the arena and respawned in the outer ring to view the remaining players duke it out until the last man is standing and deemed the winner!

General Leadership Board – You will experience a passive system which counts your total kills/death ratio for each server you play on, this system will come with an MVP status for the top player from each alliance, this title will be displayed on your character for others to see.

Enemy Kill Points

Enemy Kill Points – You can obtain enemy kill points for each enemy killed from the opposite alliance, however, there are a few small rules which accompany this system.

You will not receive points for enemy players who are 20 levels below your current level, they will also not be penalized for their death.

Repetitively killing the same player more then three times within a 1-hour time span will result in no points being obtained if you continue to kill the same player, this is to prevent cheating the system and may be tweaked accordingly.

A player can choose to enter two different playstyles called Cilivian Mode or Combatative Mode, the first mode is defaulted upon first entering Legion: The Eternal War and protects the player from PvP until they manually change their mode or reach level 30, if you are Cilivian you cannot enter specific PvP zones or damage, other players.

You cannot obtain Enemy Kill Points for friendly fire kills and will actually lose points for the death of your team members caused by your own hands – it may be necessary to eliminate alliance members based on their actions.


Progression System

Players increase level by gathering experience which comes from killing creatures, completing quests and killing players from the opposite alliance. This may be considered pretty original within the realm of gaming but Legion: The Eternal War is not here to redesign the core concepts of RPG gaming.
The player will passively progress in the game by utilizing our systems – This means that for each skill that exists will gain experience as the player successfully performs the actions, over-time each skill will raise in level.

The player cannot reach max level for every passive skill – We allow a total of 700 passive levels out of a total of 1000, Once the player reaches his maximum allowed levels for passive skills then they will have to choose a skill that they would like to reduce in order to convert the points into another skill.

The maximum allowed levels are always capped, however, the player can still reduce one passive skill to raise another which allows for a pretty flexible system.

For each skill that reaches 100%, you receive a special ability which pertains to that particular skill, normally associated with special moves that consume a large amount of stamina to maneuver.

Currently, we are designing Legion: The Eternal War with these skills in mind which may change over time as we receive player feedback.
For each weapon class there will be provided unique unlockable skills and abilities as you progress in passive levels, you will do more damage and slightly increased attack speed for each level obtained, this applys to the following skills.

Hand Attack – Your typical fist brawling combat, you can knock down enemies with a critical hit and even leave them stunned, the higher your skill level with hand attack, the higher percentage you have to execute knockouts and hand-combat abilities.

Short Sword – Leveling shortsword has multiple advantages, you will not only receive extra damage and attack speed but it will also speed up other systems such as skinning animals, crafting bows, and other short sword associated actions.

Long Sword – The long sword is a very powerful and well-known weapon for its era which will take much skill and practice to master, player’s can unlock varios combat skills as they progress their long sword skill.

Axe – Battle axes, wood chopping axes, and even throwing axes all fall under this skill, players can progress the axe skill for increased accuracy, agility and damage.

Hammer – The hammer sklll is a vague discription which included battle hammers, building hammers/mallets and even relates to foraging items, your hammer skill will be associated with your success rate for items and their quality.

Archery – Longbows, composite bows, crossbows and even arrow based seige equipment will fall under archery, players can expect to shoot longer distances with a higher degree of accuracy as they level archery, unlock the ability to equip different elemental arrows as you progress such as ice, fire, poison, light arrows and other magic imbued specialty arrows.

Shield blocking – The more you land successful blocks with your shield the faster you will level this skill, over time players can expect to recieve damage reductions on hits and depending on the shield you could even block,reflect or reduce magic spells.

Magic skill – The magic skill is essential for successfully casting magic spells, the spells will be categorised by level one to ten, level one spells will be the first and easiest spells you will obtain in the game, each havng their own percentage for you to successfully cast, if you fail on a cast it could shoot the spell in an undesired direction, produce a smaller version of the spell or simply not cast at all, the more you level the higher chance you will have to properly execute spells, the more spells you successfully cast the faster your skill level will raise.

Staff Attack – You can melee with staffs, not all staffs are used for magic as you will encounter many different styles of battle staffs that pocess various effects on hit, leveling staff attack will increase damage, agility and abilities associated with melee attacks.

Magic Resistance – When stuck by magic, a calculation will include your magic resistance as it will determine how much you will reduce the damage and if it even affected you at all, players who follow a tank role would focus on increasing magic resistance as it will greatly assist them against elemental attacks, experience gained while as a player is hit by magic.

Poison Resistance  – Once poisoned players will experience low Hp regeneration, blurred screen, slowed movement and weak attacks, being poisoned is not very pleasant and gaining a resistance to poison early will assist with any future encounters, for leveling poison resistance players can expect quicker recovery times and less impactful affects, experience is gained after each time becomming poisoned.

Profession Trade Skills

Players have the ability to gain experience level these passive skills, we would like to consider these skills as profession trades as it closely relates to the players ability to contribute to their guild or provide an income to the player by using his skills to produce revenue from the marketplace.

Mining – Players can mine minerals using pickaxes, there will be many resources available for the player to obtain and the level of skill you possess with mining will enable your chances for success based on the material you are trying to mine, for each % you have with the mining skill it will raise the number of resources you can obtain and the rate of which you obtain them.

Fishing – A skill which produces food, bait and alchemy recipe requirements, fishing is a valuable skill when trying to catch rare aquatic creatures, the world of Legion is an interesting place, we are bringing many unique and purposeful creatures to the world and fish is definitely one of them!

Farming – Within the plot of your guilds land you will have the ability to grow and produce various greenery, the food which you acquire has many uses from feeding your pets to creating potions.

Alchemy – A process which takes something ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary, most times uncontrollable and unpredictable, however, with a high skill level comes high success rates, it is likely players will experience potion creation, spell and magic enchantment as well as the ability to turn materials and minerals into a whole different element.

Manufacturing – Manufacturing is the process which advanced items are created, with high skill level a player could turn a whole abundance of resources into high-quality armor and weapons for his guild, a valued skill for cooperative team play.


PvP – PvE Environments

Players can choose between playing PvP and PvE as they please, the world is divided into zones with different features, for each alliance there remains scared land behind the capitols, you can play the game without worry because while being present in the PvE zone you are free from combat from your own alliance and the land-only has one entrance for enemies to enter, yes, you can still have a chance for the enemy alliance to breach your PvE zone and the passageway to enter is from traveling through the city, this means if the opposing alliance planned a strategic attack they could reach the PvE zone and do some damage.

The player will expience the same gameplay style as the PvP zones except for having to worry about friendly fire, much of the quest storyline will involve entering both the PvP zone and PvE zone to progress although with coordinated team play this shouldn’t become an issue.

We will allow players to build castles in both PvE and PvP zones, which means that likely the PvE zones will have less chance to become raided or suffer siege attacks from players , however players are not your only threat as the evil force which curses the land at night will focus on attacking your castles and breaching your walls, defend against foes and avoid becoming breached by advanced AI characters, the shadows are a much greater force then players.

Protect The PvE Zone – Your time spent protecting your city from raids will keep the PvE zones safe from the enemy alliance, defend your city with pride and honor!

Cooperative Gameplay – Team with friends on your alliance to accomplish your goals and progress towards discovering the lore of Legion: The Eternal War, much of the storyline will be different for each alliance and the PvE zone will hold the most context surrounding the lore.

The Rift – The portal to the underworld is only assessable from one place, the center of the rift, deep below the surface at the center of the rift you will find the entrance portal for the underworld, this is a place which PvP and adventure quests are combined, both alliances will share similar rift associated quests as they race to complete main storyline events.

Friendly Fire – You can only friendly fire your alliance within your city walls or the PvP zones, PvE is the only place exempt from friendly fire, within the city there will be guard NPCs present to help control abusive friendly fire, upon death of an alliance member you will become criminal status and become enemy to everyone you encounter until you’ve been slain by an alliance member.


Interactive Environment

Explore the world of Legion as you interact and modify your surroundings, you can gather, destroy and even create resources as you please, building and adding to the world are restricted to player-owned territory although claiming land can be achieved pretty easily as you dominate capture points which once obtained dictate which guild owns permission of the territory

Resource Gathering – What kind of game would this be if you could not interact with your surroundings and gather resources for building and trading or even crafting? We have huge plans for the crafting system of Legion starting with the bare essentials of surivial.

Quest Interactables – Some quest objects require special rare tools or equipment to interact with, players would find themselves using magic spells to surpass their obstacles, tools such as grapple hooks or even by performing particular melodies to interact with NPCs, manipulate the world with whatever it takes to progress.

Reproduce Foliage – Grow and create massive farms which can be used to crop for food, alchemy or even trade with your allies, any player can interact with your property so its essential you protect your farms from thieves or even griefers looking to cause you harm.

Building System – Create a huge kingdom from the ground up as you team with guild members on the quest for surivial, starting with the bare essentials for shelter you can grow into a respected kingdom.



The Light Keeps You Safe

You will experience both a medieval world by day and the curse of the rift by night, since the opening of the portal of hell located at the center of the rift, the world has suffered greatly by its existence, as daylight turns to dusk the darkness spreads across the land making for an unpleasant experience for travelers, the world becomes filled with horrifying creatures and events which take place, once daylight breaches again the evil is returned to the rift and the world changes to its typical medieval environment.

Daytime Medieval World – Experience a wonderful medieval-themed game by day as you travel in the comfort of the suns light, engage with allied guild for trading purposes, complete lore quests without fear of dangerous creatures, enjoy the peaceful world as you explore on your horse.

The Rift Curse – As daylight turns to dusk you will experience an entirely different experience while playing Legion: The Eternal War, you will quickly discover the dangers lurking within the darkness of the night, the rift has a curse over the land as the creatures of the dark travel quickly to cause harm and anguish to all who come across its path, keep your castles lit with light sources at night to avoid trouble.


“You don’t get to be great without a victory!”



Nexus Division started through a passionate desire to address a huge problem within the gaming community. Games are losing the connection with the target audience while also lacking the deep lore and story that made many of us fall in love with Gaming. 

Three years ago, our first game, Legion: The Eternal War  was established in a grassroots attempt to solve this problem. While it began simply as a hobby within a dedicated group of developers, the seeds of what Legion would become were being planted. 

After several attempts and setbacks, while creating the first version of Legion: The Eternal War, two things became clear: first, a dedicated and experienced team would be required to make this game go from a simple idea to a top-notch game beloved by many worldwide. Second, Legion began to grow larger than our initial vision, becoming a platform for many unique ideas that have yet to flourish in the Online RPG space. As our team grew, we knew we needed to scale up development to make Legion the product it will one day be.
Nexus Division was officially registered in November 2018 with intentions to market our first game, Legion: The Eternal War.

Nexus was amazed by the initial interest and support from the gaming community. Currently, there are over 8,500 people holding the last free test version of Legion. 

We accomplish our vision through interacting directly with our customer base, focusing on understanding the needs and wants of our demographic, developing activities to benefit our supporters as well as increase customer loyalty, and committing to build shareholder value at Nexus Division Entertainment. 

Simply put, Nexus Division seeks to deliver a product by the people for the people. We are committed to achieving our business and financial success while striving to improve our products based on strong customer relationships from following all recommended design suggestions from our quickly growing community.

The Nexus Division team are overwhelmed with excitement to be working on Legion: The Eternal War. The ever-growing community of supporters has given us the motivation to strive for greatness. Our amazing development team is what pulls this project together. After working as a small indie team for several months, it’s become apparent that the spirit and quality of a team dictate what we create not the size. We have been reaching minor milestones daily and expect to continue prospering due to our team dynamics.

Recently a host of high-quality AAA companies have provided world-class entertainment while mixing in various new ideas in revenue management (Such as EA experimenting with Pay2Win). Some of these movements have been catastrophic and damaged beloved franchises. Meanwhile, the current gaming community desires specific and unique content with a focus on consumer-friendly behavior. Partially this is due to a misunderstanding of what the gaming demographics they find themselves in want, Pay2Win will not enter our titles design or become considered during any stage of development.

Our primary business focus is to find a space within specific gaps found among the gaming industry. For example, the average age of a gamer is 34 years old. This demographic grew up with the Nintendo 64 and experienced games with deep lore, challenging play systems, and a heavy role-playing focus. This niche is amazingly loyal to products that fall within the system they are craving and there is a hunger for deep, rich, quality gaming experiences in this niche.

Many of our developers are also our targeted demographic and have a clear understanding of what really is desired from our target audience. We are also working directly with our followers to bring our vision to life. This is accomplished by allowing them to buy into our games and help direct the way our development cycle goes.  Since our local gaming community directly influences decisions, our audience can have a feeling of ownership in our products, hopefully loyally playing for years to come.

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