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Legion: The Eternal War is an MMORPG in which players create their characters, join alliances, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend.

The World of Legion began with a rift, it was a massive surge of energy clustered in the core of the world that exploded and created a massive rift that split the world in half with its heart in the center, the rift forever marks the world with an unforgotten scar, the two alliances at war the take their place on each side of the division, players will have the chance to show dominance in enemy lands and lay waste to their foes on the battlefield, the title takes a strong consideration towards both PvP and PvE aspects of gameplay and will be sure to incorporate fair gameplay for the two play styles within the same server.

Gameplay Features

  • Rewarding Competitive PvP Environment – A system which fuels the desire to kill within the land of Rhyfell, players will earn enemy kill points for each foe they lay waste too from the opposing alliance, these points will be saved and can be traded for valuable items and rewards.

  • Progression System – The game is designed to persuade the player in advancing his skills, the progression system will passively keep track of the players actions and overtime the skills which the player uses will level and allow better results when utilizing the particular skill.

  • PvP – PvE Environments – The choice is yours, easily switch from PvE zones to PvP combat zones, your alliance city acts as a barrier which keeps the opposing alliance outside the protected land of your people, however, bare in mind that with a coordinated attack the enemy alliance could breach the city walls, destroy all within sight and enter the PvE zone, in short – The PvE areas are protected by the PvP players.

  • Interactive Environment – The world is a puzzle – In order to progress you may need to do some thinking, the spells and abilities you know will assist you with exploring Rhyfell.

  • The Light Keeps You Safe – You will experience both a medieval world by day and the curse of the rift by night, since the opening of the portal of hell located at the center of the rift, the world has suffered greatly by its existence, as daylight turns to dusk the darkness spreads across the land making for an unpleasant experience for travelers, the world becomes filled with horrifying creatures and events which take place, once daylight breaches again the evil is returned to the rift and the world changes to its typical medieval environment.

  • Dynamic Combat System – Bows, Shields, Swords, Spells you name it… we will offer a huge variety of weaponry choices for Legion: The Eternal War, you will experience seamless gameplay with dramatic and intense encounters as you challenge each other’s ability to fight, but, players are not your only encounter you should worry about as the world will be filled with advanced AI systems really to put you skill to the test, join friends and fight together.

  • Guild Housing – Players can own and operate their own castle fortress as a team, a number of features are to accompany this system as we are planning on allowing climbable land zones for the player to build and craft as they please, You can lose your castle to a raid or take ownership of enemy fortresses with planned attacks.

  • Seasonal Change – Play within an immersive and quickly changing world as you experience seasonal changes based on a real time calendar, each season will impact the world in a different way.

  • Consequences – What would your actions mean if consequence had not existed? Players will find themselves able to do any action without rules within the game, we will allow everything we can think of and the choice is yours.

  • Criminal Status – The game is focused on two alliances at war, this means you could assume your alliance is friendly by default, while this may be true, players can opt towards criminal status and push away from their alliance, this criminal status is accompanied by a reputation system which distinguishes your loyalty towards your alliance.

  • Hunger and Thirst – Small survival aspects bring more meaning to crafting and cooking systems, you can expect minor affects from  hunger and thirst such as low health, mana and stamina regeneration, nothing similar to ark: surivial evolved.

  • Dynamic World – The world Rhyfell will undergo many changes as the main storyline becomes completed, some of which include day and night cycle changes, landscape changes and even NPC changes based on lore progression.

  • Terroirtal Zones – There are systems which keep track of the players actions as they play and progress, one of these systems are belonging to a node territorial system which counts players kills and deaths amongst particlar zones, whichever alliance holds the highest count owns the land, land ownership brings bonus’s to your alliance.

  • Politics – Guilds and alliances are often ruled by the person who created the guild, this can be easily changed by allowing the players who are ranked high enough to vote, you could switch your guild-leader every X amount of days if things are not working out correctly.

  • Economy – The backbone of buying power, you can expect to transform raw gold into tradable coins, open vending shops to sell your resources or even arrange consistent trade agreements with allianced guilds based on what high amounts of available resources you have in reach.

  • Immersive Storyline – Connect yourself with our lore as you not only learn history but you create it as well, players actions when dealing with the main global questline will impact the entire server, get ready to solve mysteries and puzzles as you struggle to cure Rhyfell of its curse.

  • Class System – The class system is solely based upon the stat choices of the players, items have requirements to equipped and fulfilling the requirements will determine the role of your character, this stat system accompanied with our progression system will make for a very customizable class system.

“You don’t get to be great without a victory!”



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