Legion: The Eternal War
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Legion: The Eternal War has determined our best approach for launching the game would be the result from receiving pledges from our community of followers, offering premium packages for our supporters including cheaper copies of the game, gratitude thank you letters and accessibility to our private forums where you can have a massive impact on our game-play design.

Committing your trust within us as developers is something we take very seriously, The game means a lot to us and our community means even more, Supporting our development isn’t just starting the foundation for our game its also establishing our company. Which we will forever be thankful for your help.

Why a local campaign


Nexus Division decided doing the campaign locally for many reasons, First we didn’t want to only feature our game for a limited amount of time, We want to run this campaign and give the community a chance to pledge before we reach early access on steam. This allows our followers the chance to reap the benefits of our offers for a longer period of time and provides us the funds to expand our team early so we can finish the early access sooner. All of us here at Nexus Division understand the wait time during a pledge and when you can play is very important, This is why we are allowing backers to test the game early before we launch early access so they can provide critical feedback during our early stages.

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