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Our 3 main features of Legion: The Eternal War!

     1. Experience an absolutely amazing combat system!

Take your skills to the next level with our dynamic combat system that focuses on ranged attacks, melee, and magic!

     2. Engage in Player Controlled Economy like never before!

You have yet to experience a business-based economy that leaves the players in full control, trade with resources, or establish your own currency! 

     3. Journey into our PvE storyline 

You will live and breathe a medieval life in your quest to save Rhyfell. Discover the mysteries via questing and exploration!

Join our BETA and lend your voice to the conversation. We’re making this game for you!

Explore Vast Underground Dungeons!

The majority of major questing in Legion: The Eternal War is taking place in the deepest, darkest dungeons. You will find yourself and friends exploring old tunnels, crypts and ancient tombs looking for the clues to saving Rhyfell.

Will you and your friends be the first to save Rhyfell?

With Darkness Comes Evil!

As you watch the sun fade away into darkness the moon rises. Evil lurks in the shadows as the light vanishes. Each night Rhyfell becomes haunted by the corruption of the Rift.  Struggle to survive each night as you continue to progress in the game.

Battle creatures, keep safe, and protect your alliance!

Never Seen before PvE!

Get ready, this will be the first game you’ve ever experienced which allows you to live and breath a medieval life. Our fantasy land is programmed with PvE in mind.

You will experience a world like no other, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Let’s make it happen. Join today!

Nexus Division would like to thank you all for your trust in us!

“You don’t get to be great without a victory!”

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