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A game created with Unreal Engine 4 made by Indy Developers

Game Features

Explore darkness!

We are all about underground caves and dungeons! Explore, hunt, and solve puzzles to reach your objectives in these confusing mazes of darkness. Beware as there are many creatures of evil which live in these dark places.

PvE Adventures

Slay creatures, gain levels, and battle your way across the world of Rhyfell. We have a little for everyone. Experience a content-rich world filled with amazing experiences.

PvP Community Events

Join live events to win in-game prizes. Once Alpha launches you will be notified via email of our upcoming events.

Slide Build - Craft - Survive - Raid

Lets all bring Legion: The Eternal War to life!

Legion: The Eternal War is an Online RPG project which is looking to bring you back to medieval times. Our combat system is the main fuel for this fire and we promise to bring you a new competitive and interactive PvP / PvE experience for everyone to enjoy. We are giving back to our supporters! sign up below to show your support and earn free rewards!

TIME TO LEARN MORE! Explore our newest edition to Legion as you enter the depths of ``The Cavern of Oblivion`` Inside you will find a horde of zombies, quest objectives, puzzles, and our first mini-boss! a

Development Roadmap and Financial

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