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FAQ Page

What is Legion?

Legion: The Eternal War is a medieval world where you and your friends can become immersed in the lore and let your story unfold. It will supply challenges of survival against nightly terrors from the Rift, a faction war, and other natural and mythical beasts as you explore Rhyfell.

Which devices will Legion become available for?

Our title Legion: The Eternal War will be first programmed and created for PC. Once we have a solid and stable version we will be exploring other options such as controllers, consoles & mobile devices. There is no intention to stay with only PC gaming. 

When is Legion going to be released?

Legion will begin as an early access game for Alpha & Beta testers. Once the game is fully completed and optimized we will consider it ready for full release. You will still have complete access as a backer to this game during that time. 

How long has Legion been in development?

Legion has been in development for almost 3 years from concept to prototype. Our design and goals have been improving since the start. The game is almost ready for beta testing and as we continue to grow the development will gain speed.

What Game Engine are you using?

We are using Unreal Engine 4. Once Unreal Engine 5 releases in 2021 we will likely be working on the newest Engine.

How are you going to monetize the game?

The game will be released as a Buy to Play title with an additional cosmetic shop. Once Legion has raised X amount in funding we may release the game free2play. This is no penalty to players who supported us early because you will be keeping all the rewards and perks you earned during our Early Access. 

How can I support the development?

Our project is currently selling backer packages that provide instant access to the game. Later we may sell individual physical items shipped free to your door separately. You can view our Early Access backer packages by visiting our crowdfunding page HERE. 

How are you addressing P2W?

We are strictly against P2W. Our cash shop will be based on cosmetics and other cool items to make your character stand out. At any point, if you find any of our cosmetic items to be considered P2W, please inform us and we will make a correction. 

How many playable classes are in this game?

Legion has three defined classes but without titles. You can take the role of a Mage, Warrior, or Ranger but without limitations or restrictions meaning that you can become a hybrid of any 3 classes. You will be able to make the character your way based on how you apply stat points and handle the progression system.

Will this game have the “Holy Trinity“?

No, there are currently no plans to support this playstyle. However, due to the diversity of our class system, there is a possibility that this playstyle could be created. 

How will character progression work?

Character progression is focused on recording what you do and passively leveling it as you play the game. You will naturally find yourself improving as you progress. Items that you use such as one-handed weapons & two-handed weapons will both have a separate leveling system. Over time you could master several different weapon classes and the skills which come with them.

How many skills can we actively use?

You can use 4 active skills, 2 special abilities, melee, and blocking along with dual-wielding. 

Does my race play an important role in the game?

No, Originally it would determine which Faction of the war you are on by selecting, Elf or Human. However, our plans have changed and we are allowing any race or character to join either side of the war. This allows for a much larger array of character customization. 

Are there guilds in the game? How will they work?

Yes. Guilds are a very important factor in this game as they will keep your friends tied with you throughout your experience. We will be designing a very useful guild system to keep friends together. Guild members will all be tied to the same player-built castle system. 

Can we own our own land/houses/castles?

Yes, you will be able to build, destroy, and conquer castles in this game. Players can choose to avoid building altogether and still enjoy this game because of the neutral capital cities and the services they provide. Our plan is to allow players to be a huge part of the economy. Owning a castle will be a way to produce goods and participate more in the trade of goods and resources. 

Is there going to be PvP and if so, how will it work?

Yes, there will be PvP of the Humans vs. Elves. You can also decide to play as a criminal and kill the players of your own faction. We are doing percent-loot PvP meaning that you always keep your equipment but have a small % chance to lose materials from your inventory on death.

Will there be a system of conquest (fight for castles/resources) etc.

Guild castles can be conquered and you will find yourself naturally fighting over the most important resources in the game. Defend, fight, or create alliances.

Will there be siege engines?

Yes, we are planning on adding siege equipment. Players will have to create these heavy pieces of equipment and walk them to their destination.

How will PvE work? Is there an end-game PvE?

PvE will include quests and dungeons. Some of the dungeons will be included in a quest chain and others you may find by exploring the world.

Is gear playing an important role? How can we obtain (the best) gear?

Gear is important, but how you choose your stat points and progress the character will be far more important than your gear to a degree. We are trying to balance the game in a way where players who lack time to commit can still keep up a fight towards players who spend more time grinding. 

Is there crafting? (Skill ceiling?)

Crafting will exist. Alchemy with potion creation and Blacksmithing are examples. You must progress in the crafting system to become proficient. You can excel at crafting if you like and become renowned for your services.

How do we get the necessary resources?

You can gather resources by mining, looting, gathering, wood cutting, etc. This game supports survival aspects.

Can we obtain in-game cosmetics without paying?

Yes, anything that can be bought, can be earned except for the exclusive backer-only rewards. The backer-only rewards are once in a lifetime rewards.

Can we obtain in-game cosmetics without paying?

Yes, anything that can be bought, can be earned except for the exclusive backer-only rewards. The backer-only rewards are once in a lifetime rewards.

Will Legion offer (seasonal) events?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, Legion supports weekly events and we will try our best to keep the community engaged and happy!

Different OS support (Windows, Linux, Mac,…)

At this time, Legion: The Eternal War is only available for Windows PC. We will determine in the future if we should branch out to further options. We do have plans for Google Stadia and streaming software plus much more.

How can you support us?

Share Legion with friends, promote its existence, participate in our community forums and most importantly join the discord and back the project!

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