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Set foot into a corrupt war-torn world undiscovered for millions of years, you and others will: explore, conquer, rebuild, and free the world of Rhyfell from the Rifts curse. Fight side by side with Humans or Elves as they battle for valuable resources.

You will experience a true Online-RPG experience in our 500+ player servers.
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The Alliance System
You will have the choice of choosing between Humans or Elves. The side you choose plays an important role in how you can partcipate in the on-going conflict.

Players can switch alliances at any time and also betray their alliance. You will earn Enemy Kill points as you claim the souls of the enemy alliance and can redeem these points for rewards. Betraying the alliance will have the guards and other players consider you as an enemy.

One of our goals as developers was to provide options to players so they could experience a new level of freedom and choice. You will be allowed to do as you please but some actions will come with concequences.

A new realm called the RIFT Continue The rift is the cause of the curse Rhyfell struggles to contain. Your main quest eill be to travel deep into the undiscovered realm and stop the evil directly at the source.

Both the Humans and Elves will have the same quest and because of this the Rift will become a high conflict zone for both PvP and PvE. Bring friends, travel in groups and discover what the RIFT has to offer!

Progressive Skills and Talents Continue While playing the game you will quickly learn that everything you do gains you experience. This experience over time will level up your progressive skills. These skills include Alchemy, blacksmithing, crafting, weapon classes, farming, mining and more.

As you level these skills and talents you can unlock new passive abilites to increase. Overtime you can become the best blacksmith in Rhyfell or the highest appricated Potion brewer in all the land. The choice is yours!

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