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Some of Legion’s Main Features are listed below:

  • Class System Based on Stat points and Progression System.
  • Action Based RPG Mechanics.
  • No Pay 2 Win.
  • Skill-based magic spells.
  • Competitive PvP – Points System.
  • Fulfilling PvE features – Deep Questing and extensive Lore.
  • Guild Wars – Factions Wars.
  • Player Driven Economy.
  • Dungeons and Dragon system Concepts.
  • Player Reputation – Stand out from the others.
  • Survival Aspects – Eat and Drink to keep your character healthy.
  • Criminal Status – Don’t like rules? You can choose to disobey.
  • Politics – Guilds are player dictated.
  • Building and Ownership Aspects – Build a medieval castle.
  • Balanced Risk & Reward systems.

    And lastly, Legion is designed to easily accept and manipulate its direction based on player feedback. You join our development updates and tell us what you like and dislike and from there our developers work towards finding a solution! Updates happen every Thursday 3PM EST. Join Our Discord HERE.

Legion is a huge undertaking by Nexus Division and like all new journeys will have ups and downs. Currently, we are testing and working to implement new systems and traditional systems into Legion. While some of this may change, you can expect deep lore, beautiful story moments, and some killer PvP.

Class System – Combat – P2W

  • The class system is currently based on the activities you partake in and the stat points that you choose. Our progression system will track your actions and level you accordingly based on what you do the most. In addition to this, your stat points will determine what gear you can equip and how efficient you are at using the equipment.
  • Our combat mechanics are action-based and dynamic, they require skill, accuracy, and critical thinking in order to overcome AI and enemy players. There will be many techniques to defeat players regardless of level advantages. 
  • In keeping with the balance that many MMORPGs fail to keep, we seek to avoid P2W mechanics. Our goal is for combat to just feel good, responsive, and like you have a chance to win even in the direst circumstances.

Like all things, balancing this will be difficult at first but we seek to constantly improve that.

The World

  • Players will be immersed in a world where everything they do has an impact on the war raging around them. War is a constant, brutal reality. Unexpected PvP conflicts arrive in the form of roaming players belonging to enemy factions. Fights break out by contesting an enemy faction for land and resources. The day may consist of simply defending what you have staked out as a home for your guild. 
    However, in a world full of conflict there is more to do than guard the front lines. 
  • Inner faction politics, quarrels, crafting, resource gathering, and other various PvE activities will be offered in Legion all wrapped in an engaging, immersive storyline for your selected faction. We know true roleplaying is important to so many in the MMORPG genre and desire to have the tools required for those who want to be whatever they desire in this broken, scarred world.

Our factions declared war against each other long ago and you will choose your place amidst the chaos. 

  • PvP is a huge focus in Legion. It would be unrealistic to say that you can avoid it. (Although we do hope to avoid any form of trolls other than mythical creatures.) While Legion is PvP driven, we know that one of the best ways to play a game is getting lost in stories of ancient cities, laughing due to hilarious characters, and feeling like the world is alive. 
  • PvE players, we won’t forget you. In fact, we expect timely unique story content to be coming out regularly to keep you engaged with our world.
  • Legion considers PvP as a feature of the larger end game world of Rhyfell. That being said, players can still expect hours of Role-Playing gameplay as you discover the roots of Rhyfell: new creatures, ancient entities, and dark caverns. If you progress your character enough, you can journey into the Rift to try and save Rhyfell from the Eternal War that plagues it and the horrors that come out at night.


  • We are implementing a reputation system. That means story-based actions have consequences. Want stellar gear? Don’t anger the Blacksmith! Want to get into the deepest parts of the capital city? You may need to increase your faction rank, which might include declaring war on others. Reputation matters. Our system hopes to be story-driven but also allow room for roleplaying and guild reputation systems with unique perks and benefits.

Player-Driven Economy

  • Capitalism, baby! Everyone loves a free market, especially raiders. Our economy will be player-driven and overtime find a unique balance that feels natural and enjoyable for newbies and old school players alike. You can expect to transform raw gold into tradable coins, open vending shops to sell your resources, or arrange consistent trade agreements with allianced guilds based on what resources you have available. We will have abundant resources, including rarer premium resources while avoiding any form of P2W mechanics.

Survival Aspects

  • Small survival aspects bring more meaning to crafting and cooking systems, you can expect minor effects from hunger and thirst such as low regenerating health. Food supplies mana and stamina regeneration. You will not die from a lack of food or water but light mechanics allows us to make more interesting systems. Other aspects like weather and temperature are currently being discussed but the goal is to keep Legion fun without requiring hours of random player maintenance.

Criminal Status

  • At launch, Legion will be focused on two alliances at war. This means you could assume your alliance is friendly by default. While this may be true, players can opt towards criminal status and push away from their alliance. This criminal status is accompanied by a reputation system that distinguishes your loyalty towards your alliance. Unique options may arrive in the future such as a third ex-patriot faction. The community will help decide this.
  • The term magic means so much in Legion. As we explore the limits of our creativity between developers and community, magic will not only be used for combat but you can expect to see magic involved with our storyline, character progression, and even basic day to day tasks. Many will enjoy finding ways to incorporate the world’s magic into their daily lives. However, we plan to have a balance so that it is not required for success in the game. Rather magic is just another option of how you can improve upon your skills.
  • The storyline of Legion is first introduced by the mysteries of The Rift, you will discover ways to enter the rift and travel deep inside. Players can find out why the Rift is corrupt and how it came into existence. This is just the beginning of your journey and in time you’ll learn much.
  • Players can tame creatures and animals which turns them into resources to be used for trade and consumption by other players. You can breed farm animals, mounts, or shoulder pets. Some will become best friends with a fur pal. Others will use them for the purpose of trading. Some examples will be wild horses, cows, chickens, and other farm animals and pets. There are no plans for anyone to own dragons or other exotic mounts currently.


  • Players can own and operate their own castle fortress as a team. A number of features are to accompany this system since we are planning on allowing claimable land zones for the player to build and craft as they please. You can lose your castle to a raid or take ownership of enemy fortresses with planned attacks. It’s the bread and butter of guild conflict so it’s important to make a stronghold powerful.


  • Guilds and alliances are often ruled by the person who created the guild but they have to rule well! This can be easily changed by allowing the players who are ranked high enough to vote, you could switch your guild-leader every X amount of days if things are not working out correctly. Different political systems are possible as well. Perhaps instead of earning KP, you’ll want to bribe the official nearby.

Game Events

  • Do you remember deep lore-based games on PC? Games that oozed background and a living breathing world? Studios used to produce games that felt alive and rich. While many modern games have dabbled in this territory, Legion plans on having a game of deep lore that can grow with our community and be the story we dreamed it to be. There is plenty we can expand on due to the factions each having a storyline, and let’s not forget The Rift.
  • Some examples of the possibilities for scheduled events are:
    • Alliance vs Alliance – City wars
    • No penalty PvP
    • Double Enemy kill rewards
    • Competitions: guild vs guild, deathmatches
  • You will experience both a medieval world by day and the curse of the rift by night. Since the opening of the portal of hell located at the center of the rift, the world has suffered greatly by its existence. As daylight turns to dusk, the darkness spreads across the land making for an unpleasant experience for travelers as the world becomes filled with horrifying creatures and the events they cause. Once daylight breaches again, the evil is returned to the rift, and the world changes to its typical medieval environment.
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