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Find Your Destiny on Rhyfell

An eternal war wages. Which side will you choose, Elf or Human?
Prove yourself in battle against the enemy’s Faction.
Survive the perils of the Rift as you seek to uncover its hidden truths.
Only you can decide your path in Rhyfell.

Rhyfell was created as a medieval setting by day with the usual survival of the time, but by night it becomes a realm of horror outside the walls of any protected area. The eternal war brews here between the Humans and the Elves.

Explore an open world with natural enemies by day and terrors of the Rift at night where you will find many natural and fantastical enemies to fight. Delve into dungeons and mini-games that can lead to untold treasures and knowledge of the Rift.

Learn how to augment items and your character’s daily life with magic. You will find magic will play out in many things you do.

Explore the world and learn the magic it has to offer. Take your time and level up your skills.

Acquire Renown in the Eternal War

Build your renown with every kill of the enemy faction to gain rewards from your faction leader. Build your own fortifications and siege to aid in the war. Beat the enemy to the prized possessions of the Rift. You never know where you might run into the other faction in Rhyfell, they may even find ways to your very doorstep if you don’t reach theirs first.

Your Reputation Matters

Your actions can reward or punish you. Improve your standing to see the inner workings of your faction. However, you could go rogue and denounce your faction to become labeled as a criminal with a chance for jail time. There are consequences for all your actions from officials down to street vendors.

Choose Your Own Fighting Style

Become the greatest melee fighter with a variety of weapons, an archer who can snipe or rain down a terror of arrows, or a mage that can call on the elements to devastate your foe. Or go for a hybrid of any of these three. Advance in what you use most. Our stat point and skill progression systems allow you to develop your character to fit your play style.

Capitalism, Baby! 

Everyone loves a free market, especially raiders. Though there will be vendors that trade in the game, the greater items will be created, looted, and traded by players. As the game progresses the economy will ebb and flow naturally with the changes based on supply and demand.

Animal Lovers Rejoice!

Players can tame creatures turning them into resources for trade, consumption by other players, or pets. You can breed farm animals, mounts, or shoulder pets. Some examples are horses, cows, chickens, other farm animals, and small animals as pets. There are no plans for anyone to own dragons or other exotic mounts currently.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

We already mentioned the building of strongholds for the war, but you can also build your own homestead or guild castle. Stake your claim to the land and build as you see fit. However, remember nowhere is totally safe, even if far from the enemy faction they can show up, but more likely you will have to deal with the night terrors of the Rift regardless. Build well!

A Family Connection

Create guilds and alliances to help accomplish goals whether domestic, Rift exploration or a strong front in the Eternal War. You will find that you can choose a political system for the guild or alliance unlike a lot of games where the creator is the leader until they hand it off, though that is an option. You can even allow voting for the leader. You decide the political stance.

Eventful Times

You will find a variety of events to spice up life in Rhyfell as if the Rift and a faction war were not enough. Some will revolve around the lore and the Rift. Others will engage you in a guild versus guild challenge. And don’t forget the Eternal War where there may be larger battles to fight or you find there is a no penalty or double your reputation points for kills for a week.


The light is your friend. All may seem normal by day, but once dusk comes who knows what you will face from the Rift.

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