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Do you remember deep lore based games on PC? Games that oozed background and a living breathing world? Studios used to produce games that felt alive and rich. While many modern games have dabbled in this territory, Legion is the game that we wanted. The game designed for us.

The Journey so far

Nexus Division was established in 2018 with the goal of creating world-class gaming experiences, specifically those that are currently lacking within the industry.

We at Nexus are a dedicated, passionate team with a huge vision. We’ve got skin in the game. We’ve put our lives and our livelihoods into making Legion happen. Legion is our passion project. Our hope is to flesh out a universe with depth and explore stories that we’ve always wanted to tell.

But that can’t happen without you. Our community. We’re crowdfunding.

Why Crowdfunding?

That word alone can cause a collective sigh to rise up among dedicated PC gamers. How many of us have been burnt before by lofty visions and startup companies who didn’t deliver? Why would Nexus be different?

Crowdfunding is the key to success for some small developers but they have to deliver on the promises that they make.

We understand this. We understand because Nexus ourselves is filled with programmers, writers, developers who have thrown money into the ring with projects and who’ve thrown money in with our own personal projects.

Unlike established brands with a publisher and allocated costs to create a product, Nexus Division relies on volunteered time by professionals who seek to create an amazing game. The reality though is our dream game will never be obtainable when developers are working two jobs while creating Legion. When resources are constantly split between our personal lives and our developer lives.

Our crowdfunding goals help us to fund our staff and development team. It also helps us to purchase the necessary materials for building a top-notch game. Whether it’s hiring outside help or building a strong enough system for testing and design purposes. It also helps us build the foundation and infrastructure for a huge project.

Crowdfunding is also not our only means of obtaining financial resources as well, we are strategically pursuing relationships with key businesses that have a like-minded strategy.

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