Nexus Division would like to thank all of you that helped support the game in our early development cycle by purchasing our Early backer packs provided on the website. Currently we are creating a Kickstarter campaign to help further fund the project on a larger scale and with that being said we will only be offering the Early backer packs listed on our website until approximately 12/3/2019. As we craft our Kickstarter campaign new packs will be provided and will be reflected in our online store. It is because of our community we are able to continue to push through this development and all of you have been very pivotal in getting this project ready for the next phase of development. Your support will not be forgotten as we move forward into our kickstarter campaign.


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Do you remember deep lore based games on PC? Games that oozed background and a living breathing world? Studios used to produce games that felt alive and rich. While many modern games have dabbled in this territory, Legion is the game that we wanted. The game designed for us.

The Journey so far

Nexus Division was established in 2018 with the goal of creating world-class gaming experiences, specifically those that are currently lacking within the industry.

We at Nexus are a dedicated, passionate team with a huge vision. We’ve got skin in the game. We’ve put our lives and our livelihoods into making Legion happen. Legion is our passion project. Our hope is to flesh out a universe with depth and explore stories that we’ve always wanted to tell.

But that can’t happen without you. Our community. We’re crowdfunding.

Why Crowdfunding?

That word alone can cause a collective sigh to rise up among dedicated PC gamers. How many of us have been burnt before by lofty visions and startup companies who didn’t deliver? Why would Nexus be different?

Crowdfunding is the key to success for some small developers but they have to deliver on the promises that they make.

We understand this. We understand because Nexus ourselves is filled with programmers, writers, developers who have thrown money into the ring with projects and who’ve thrown money in with our own personal projects.

Unlike established brands with a publisher and allocated costs to create a product, Nexus Division relies on volunteered time by professionals who seek to create an amazing game. The reality though is our dream game will never be obtainable when developers are working two jobs while creating Legion. When resources are constantly split between our personal lives and our developer lives.

Our crowdfunding goals help us to fund our staff and development team. It also helps us to purchase the necessary materials for building a top-notch game. Whether it’s hiring outside help or building a strong enough system for testing and design purposes. It also helps us build the foundation and infrastructure for a huge project.

Crowdfunding is also not our only means of obtaining financial resources as well, we are strategically pursuing relationships with key businesses that have a like-minded strategy.

But that scares us, because as you’ve all seen with large-scale entities and publishers out of control. Money comes with strings attached.

Crowdfunding allows us to faithfully pursue Legion while letting our backers be involved. Through private forums, discord, and interaction with us, Legion backers get a real say in the direction that Eternal War takes. And we mean that. We are committed to listening to feedback, communicating quickly, humbly admitting our flaws, and building something great together. We can’t do that linked to a large-scale publisher who cares more about bottom-line financials than creating something beautiful.

What is Legion: The Eternal War?

If you’ve been with us, you’ve seen Legion slowly changing and evolving into the product it is today. Our first major game is still in early development and has a ton of potential to change and evolve but ultimately offers key things we’ve always desired in an Online RPG.

While changing and in development, Legion: The Eternal War is high-fantasy set in a world torn apart by perpetual war. Two races fight constantly to eradicate each other after a rift in the world changed everything. We want to give players the opportunity to carve out a niche in this world, whether it’s leading a homegrown player-based army or chopping wood to sell at the market.

  •       High stakes PVP and combat focus
  •       Bases, hubs, castles, and systems to build your kingdom
  •       A dynamic map with our unique tug-of-war system
  •       Systems for roleplay, character development, and more than just combat
  •       An in-house economy that uses players to run the world
  •       Deep rich lore going back years and constantly asking the player to learn and soak up this universe

Our goal

Our initial goal is to raise $250,000 in funding. This number seems outrageous to that outside of the industry, but in an industry where the average wages exceed $90,000 USD per year, this will give a modest funding boost to our staffing.

This also allows us to purchase equipment (Workstation computers), contract developers for certain parts, create our server infrastructure, and build something huge.

Beyond our initial goals, we have several stretch goals that will allow us to expand our scope and broaden our vision.

What happens if we don’t get enough funding?

While crowdfunding is an important part of our long-term strategy, we also realize that crowdfunding is not dependable in the long-term. We are seeking additional funding and have tens of thousands of capital being allocated that is currently in negotiations.

More funding means more opportunity but it can come with strings attached. So we are committed to only pursuing business relationships that are invested in the growth of our vision rather than our wallets.

We are dedicated to investing everything we have into making Legion: The Eternal War a timeless classic in gaming history. Many of us have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the pre-development phase. Some of the aspects that are lacking can only come from the successful development of Legion such as a physical office space, support and ticketing systems, customer support, and a larger game portfolio.

Is it too early to be crowdfunding?

Not at all! But we have to be honest, Legion: The Eternal War is in the very early stages of development. We have many concepts ready to design and implement, systems we are retooling, and more. Supporting us now is supporting a product that will change, may be messy, and will potentially be different. So it is riskier. We are committed to being honest about that though.

In an industry lacking transparency, we don’t want to overhype things and disappoint backers. We do believe though that backing our product now is one of the best opportunities to have a voice in what Legion will look and feel like. Our discord and community are very active and as we grow in resources and project scope increases, we hope to heavily involve them in the process of development.

Where is Legion at right now?

Legion is currently in a state of developing server infrastructure and coding. We have a strong enough foundation to see the outline of how Legion: The Eternal War will look but still have a long road ahead before systems like combat, spells, building, guilds, and more start to take final form.

Stretch Goals

$500,000 – Deepen our systems

Those who love to roleplay need systems that are powerful and interactive. One of our first goals is enriching the ways players can roleplay and experience life in the world of Legion. These systems may be seen in any way from food and crafts to unique options unheard of the world of online gaming.

$750,000 – 

$1,000,000 – 

Why these stretch goal targets?

Much of our stretch goals are based around realistic interpretations of how Nexus Division could grow and implement content after growing our financial resources.

We have big dreams. It is possible that large amounts of funding may drastically change our project scope. We often look at games like Star Wars Galaxies that existed years ago but did something unique and special with systems that have never been reimplemented. Examples like SWG point toward the unique potential in the MMO space that has yet to come back into existence and how communities and worlds can be crafted by giving gamers the tools to craft a world together.

Rewards for backers

First, we have to say that backers are the lifeblood of this project. As such, every backer is considered a potential resource for ideas, feedback, testing, story, and more. Backers are who we talk to daily to gauge what our game looks like. Backing Legion: The Eternal War means entering into a devout community of avid gamers who want to help this project succeed. We get harsh feedback when we fail and uplifting praise when we do things well. By listening to our backers and keeping Nexus in tune with the community, we hope to give backers a real voice into our projects.

Do you want to part of something greater?

We can’t thank our community enough for getting us here so far. If Legion: The Eternal War sounds like the game you’ve always wanted but never had, that’s a good sign that you need to become a backer. You need to be part of this process and help us as we craft a vision together. A vision of gameplay systems and rich-lore that becomes a timeless experience in gaming history. We look forward to building this together and hope you’ll be part of that foundation.

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