Imperial Legate

Backer rewards are exclusive and will give you a lifetime worth of recognition towards how you impacted Legion: The Eternal War.

Our developers and other community members are all thankful for your contribution, this would not be possible without you, it is very exciting to move forward with you as we improve this game together!


Kind regards,

Nexus Division


Imperial Legate

3x Digital Copy of Legion The Eternal War
3x Alpha/Beta Access Key
Unique “Imperial Legate” Forum Badge
Unique In-game title “Imperial Legate”
Discord Title “Imperial Legate”
Character Name Reservation
Guild Name Reservation
Name In Credits
Custom Guild Banner
24-hour pre-release access
Unique Starting Pet Tier 4
Unique Personal Housing Item
Help Name an NPC
Help Design an NPC (restrictions apply)
Help Design a weapon or item appearance
Hero of Rhyfall in-game stature (Hall of Heroes)

Legion the Eternal War Mousepad (Physical Item)
Legion The Eternal War Mug (Physical Item)
Legion The Eternal War T-Shirt (Physical Item)

Lifetime Legion VIP Status
Premium In-game currency: 1,000,000

Plus all previous tier rewards!
VIP Status and Premium currency do not stack.