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  • A Digital Game Copy – Steam
  • The StakeHolder Horse Saddle
  • The StakeHolder Cape
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage – Dev’s Work In Progress Discord Channel
  • Access To In-Game Animations Emoji pack – Tier 1
  • Additional Character Creation Customization Options – Tier 2
  • Access To In-Game Additional Item Storage – Tier 3
  • Early Access Launch Head-Start – 1 Day Early
  • Q&A With The Devs To Learn More About Their Intentions Regarding The Storyline, Characters, Etc. – Influence Game Design.
  • StakeHolder Founder Kit – Starter Items
  • You’ll Be Listed In The Credits As A Backer – Different Text Size Based On Pledge
  • Backer Exclusive Wallpapers
  • Your Name Engraved On A Game Asset Of Your Choice – With Approval. 
  • Ryan Steels Digital Game Music Album – Full Tracks
  • Golden Pledge Rank On Discord & Forums
  • All Beta Access – Steam Key