Rhyfell – The Introduction

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The world of Legion began with a rift, it was a massive surge of energy clustered in the core of the world that exploded and created a massive rift that splits the world in half with its heart in the center, forever marks the world with an unforgotten scar.

Disasters and sudden disruption in the world climate and terrain force the inhabitants of Rhyfell to the brink of extinction. What was a prosperous and peaceful world, has become desolate and harsh, leaving the survivors to fight over the limited resources, which is all that’s left. Humans and Elves, two of the strongest and most advanced races have started a war over this claim of the remnants from the rift.

No one truly knows the true cause of this massive rift happenings, but some said it was due to the greed of mankind itself. Ever growing population and uncontrolled resources exploitation causes imbalance, pushing mother nature to the edge and when the source of this creation retaliates, catastrophe is the price to be paid.

This rift surge has turned some of the minerals in the world into some kind of energy imbued crystals which contains immeasurable amount of power, and again mankind fall into the trap of greed trying to use this new power for their own gain but this time the elf is not going to sit still and watch while mankind is bleeding the mother nature and wait for the second coming of disaster. The elf fights to protect the land and try to maintain balance in hope to prevent what the prophecy has foretold about the end of Rhyfell.

Along with this power crystals, the rift sends forth powerful minions of the dark whose hunger for blood is insatiable. Ever powerful and violent, a common threat which threatens to bring down all the past glory of Rhyfell and ends this war with doom. Those who fight for a greater cause, will join the ranks and fight for Rhyfell, for the slightest chance of surviving the catastrophic end.

The world of Rhyfell is the playing field of Legion: The Eternal War – Split in half by the massive rift players can find on each side two alliances at war, the humans and elves.

Humans take ownership of the left while the elves claim the right, players will have a choice to join either alliance at the start of their journey and their account will have all characters bound to the one alliance.

The human medieval city is called Anathurien – The city acts as a shield which protects the humans sacred land from evasion of hostile enemy players.
The landmass behind the city is considered a PvE protected zone, but it is only protected by the weight of the player’s shoulders and some NPC AI.

This means that if Anathurien we’re to come under siege, the protruding force could penetrate the gates and breach into the PvE zone putting the players who prefer not to PvP at risk, however, a highly coordinated and organized attack would be the only way to properly execute the breach – The likeliness of a successful raid would look slim but we want to allow the possibility so we do not restrict our players.

What’s to come for the PvE areas of Legion: The Eternal War?

The game has intentions to follow a very detailed and interactive storyline, players will be able to explore the land and progress throughout the world by completing quests and other necessary objectives in order to overcome the various obstacles.

The questing for this title will be dynamic meaning that every person will experience slightly different variations of each quest, however, we are also bringing global quest’s which once completed can affect the entire world and create history for all players through the means of solving puzzles and potentially activating the triggers to engage the changes, likely the global quests will require teamwork from everyone. We will see what is to come as we progress with the questing tests during our beta stages of the game, we have a lot in mind behind the scenes and cannot wait until we can share the experience with you all.

In addition to the Humans having their own PvE land – So do the Elves.

Player’s will experience deep and in-riched lore by choosing either alliance, the lore will stretch to the far ends of the PvE Zone’s and may also ask you to enter the PvP zones for particular reasons.

Would we say that PvP is absolutely avoidable? No, not overly… At some point of this game if you prefer PvE you may find yourself in need of a few friends to accompany you on a quest to ensure your safety, we are really trying to find a great balance for both PvE and PvP players on the same server at once and this may be as close as we can get it until we start receiving strong community feedback during our beta tests. we want the players to help design this game and fix all potential flaws as the days continue.

We are designing the PvE zones so that the only way to access them is by traveling directly through the major alliance city’s. We have a very strong PvP sense so the cities will be the main target location for PvP raids and attacks, we expect the players to work together to keep everything maintained.
One rule we are following during this development is that there are no rules only consequences, this will bring a large discussion all on its own, one that we will hopefully explain sooner than later.

The Rift Core acts as an attractive point for both alliances – Players will enter the rift from opposite sides and eventually meet in the middle to where lies the portal to the underworld, A second map with completely different attributes and mysteries to uncover.

The main global quest line will intervene with the rift in many ways, players will find themselves revisiting the rift core many times during their adventures and because of this, they will encounter heavy PvP interactions.

All other locations

Siklas Mountain

The land of the dragons, untamed and majestic. It is said that dragons live deep in the stomach of the land within the cave system in Siklas, but no one has yet to see it and tell the story.

Before the rift, siklas was believed to be the only gateway to the core of Rhyfell. So many rich minerals that led the people to believe that there must be so much deeper inside the core of the land. The mountain is so rich yet untouchable at the same time, due to the harsh environment and terrain, many have died swallowed by their own greed and forever buried in the red ash of Siklas.

Many resources can be found within this mountainous area, These resources consist of rare minerals which can be used in item creation such as, armor and weaponry, creation of mana and health potions. There are many caves and unexplored caverns which go deep below the surface of the world. Dragons and other mythological creatures thrive within the mountainous biomes, although only experienced players should ever dabble in their territory.

Munorukhs Dessert

The Desert biome brings many unique life forms, creatures, and animals. The resources are low and the climate is uncontrolled, Many perish in its extreme climate if ill-prepared. The desert has some hidden secrets which bring value to its existence.

Naxarus Hideout

A very old historic site which holds many unsolved mysteries from ancient times, Players can explore the context of the game and read more about what Naxarus Hideout has to offer while playing Legion: The Eternal War.

Rift Core

The portal to the underworld exists within the core of the rift, Players have the ability to travel to the twilight and enter the world of the dead. Here will contain creatures of all kinds that only travel within the darkness of the night.


The Human city, Players who are joined with the human alliance can pass through the gates of the human city and enter the sacred land protected by the humans from elf contact. Elf can raid the human city and enter the land, However, that chance remains low.

Balnuran Watergate

The Watergate to enter the underwater caverns, It’s not clear how to enter Balnuran although many have visited and returned to tell the tale.

Thardorin Fort

They call it the last defense of the humankind, during the first surge of the dark legion from the rift. Humans were forced to retreat from Anathurien, and this fort is their last stand.

Fortunate for the surviving humans, frost giants who were once a neutral enemy to the humans, seeing it as a common threat helped fight off the dark legion during the massive surge and by doing so had indirectly given the survivors a second chance.

Now, a ghost-town fortress forever remembered as the monument of human’s final chance. Players can attempt to cure the land of evil and restore Thardorin Fort to what it once was said to be.

Ylieraas Forest

 The existence of a forest temple has fallen under corruption with no promise for correction, Players can visit and attempt to cure the land at their own free will.


The capital of the elf alliance, The Nilfaarim holds the gate to the sacred elf territory. Players who belong to the elf alliance can travel behind the city which is considered free from all human race. In front of the city is PvP zone while behind the city is PvE, however, that can all change if the humans raid the Elf city and manage to break through the sacred gateway which would put everyone at risk.

Feldoraan Pass

A huge ice-biome which contains an ancient iron mining operation which has been vacated due to extremely cold temperatures.

Rakhshamuna: Legend of Rakhshamuna portrays its existence as a place of no return, Deeply related to the Balnuran Watergate it also connects to the dark underwater caverns.

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