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Legion has been shaping up behind the scenes with new features and more pieces of the final product. Our next phase is on May 12th and will launch a new version of Legion with significant changes and additions.

In this article we’ll cover some of the upcoming additions but first we want to thank you for making legion what it is.

It’s not the prettiest, it’s far from complete, but it’s taking shape and forming into a game that we hope will one day be played by many and deeply loved by this community. As we stated earlier, our Alpha isn’t designed to showcase a fully functional game with all the polished features Legion: The Eternal War will eventually have. Rather it’s an early step in creating this work of art together as a community. It’ll have rough edges, it’ll require a lot of work, but you get to be part of that process.

Confirmed for Alpha Phase 3

Our lead programmer has confirmed that the following will be added in some form or another by May 12th. Some of these will be in need of heavy changes and feedback from our community but it’s awesome to see basic features taking form and Legion shaping into something better each day.  

What we have (Confirmed)

– A Main Menu

– A lobby to customize your characters (both male and female characters can be edited now)

– A Steam connection with your friends list, name, avatar and other details.

– The ability to create a session as host or join a friends session (Listen Server)

– A new movement system

– Footprints and footsteps (Little details like this help Legion start feeling alive!)

– The beginning of a Day/Night system

– A rudimentary inventory system (we’re using a placeholder UI for now)

This also allows us to show our placeholder equipment system

– A basic castle map (Much of this early content is designed to show you are vision but far from final)

– Session chat system

– Door mechanisms

– IK foot system

– A projectile system for arrows, spells, and other objects

There are a ton of minor changes and additions but that’s not nearly the end of it. For Alpha Phase 3 we are working as hard as possible to add the following features. We can’t confirm them yet but be aware that they are being developed, formed and are pretty close to integration with Legion: The Eternal War

Upcoming content that may or may not be in Alpha Phase 3

– A fully functional day cycle system

– A simple combat system (We must stress it’s simplicity as we hope to make PvP awesome but that’ll take a lot of work!)

– Updated Inventory UI

– Dedicated server to join World Sessions

– A new map

– Some AI directed animals

– A simple spell system

Other News

There have been many questions about what Legion: The Eternal War actually involves. Our discord and forums are a fantastic place for information but in the coming weeks, you’ll see the Gamepedia page for Legion start to contain solid information and content. Please let us know the types of things you want to see on the Legion wiki and what information you are curious about as well.

Much more to come!

Alpha Phase 3 is your opportunity to tell us what works, what is broken, ideas for the future, and get involved with Legion. Following this phase, Alpha Phase 4 is going to continue to iterate on what we are already doing and add more features, content, and ideas. Our game is ultimately your game, shaped by our community. Our backers. Our players. Keep posting on discord, the forums, and giving us feedback. Nexus Division is glad to be of this journey together.

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