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Introducing our first event series! The Never Fall

Part of building an amazing game world is risk and consequences. Yet risk isn’t nearly as fun without a bit of reward! 

The first is to see who is the best in our epic community at thrashing opponents. Legends are born early and we’d love to tell tall tales in the future of the original warriors who built Legion in blood. 

This next week we’ll be introducing in-game competitions using our PVP model. This has a few important purposes. 

Second, our PVP needs to improve. And that can only be done by taking it to you, the player, and seeing what allows you to rise to the top. Skill? Glitches? Exploits? Luck? We plan to take all the feedback and implement changes until our PVP is as smooth as butter and the most enjoyable combat experience you can find between elves and men!  

Third, to reward backers! Our amazing community should feel like backing Legion is the adventure of a lifetime. To start this process, we’re offering awards for the top players in our upcoming PVP events.


1st Place: – Under Review

2nd Place: Legion: – Under Review

3rd Place: – Under Review

The first event series is known as “Never Fall”

The Never Fall was established after a legendary bout of showmanship that echoed through the centuries until modern times. While historians are still perusing the caves around the Rift for old documents and keeping the history of Never Fall close to the chest, rest assured it is a time-honored tradition rich in lore that will be explained later. 

For now, we’ll explain how Never Fall works. 

The Never Fall

Never Fall is bluntly put, a pyramid style tournament where players fight 1v1 to determine a winner. All entrants get a chance to fight to the top. The winners get epic prizes and a pretty sweet reputation as well. 

Our Arena system will expand over time but we believe implementing it now will help us make our PVP the best possible system we can make it in the months to come. While Never Fall is initially consisting of a straight 1v1 dueling game to test and work-out our PVP mechanics. Each week we plan to iterate on our combat system through the feedback we receive and give out a variety of continually changing prizes. Some glorious, some timeless, all of them earned by blood.

Your feedback will help make this combat system fun and amazing in the months to come!

Initially, players in the Never Fall will encounter an enclosed arena with limited space. They’ll be dropped in and face opposing players head-on. Simply put, the best fighter wins! As the weeks go on we’ll build upon this, tightening combat, adding more mechanics, perhaps even adding in-depth systems such as cover, traps, and more. The goal though is a fair and balanced fight that is rewarding and deep. We want you to come out as the number one player FEELING like the number one warrior. We also want you to feel like you’ve earned that title. That’ll take time but we’re excited to begin the journey! 

Never Fall isn’t a static lonely battle experience either. The Arena is viewed by a rowdy crowd of gamers and tournament players who get to watch competitors duke it out. We hope to expand on this feature in the future making our arena’s feel alive and giving players the tools to role play, engage with the arena in unique ways, and give that good old feeling of traditional gladiatorial games.

Summary of the Never Fall

1v1 Tournament using our PVP system. Best player wins. Matches arranged as follows.

Rules to play

Everyone who wishes to participate in the competition must have supported the project with a minimum of the LoneWolf package. Our goal is that backers are rewarded with fun events, early tests, and more. We want them to feel the thrill of being supported. However, for players who have not supported, they can still participate in the FFA (Free For All) event that will happen directly after “Never Fall” – Players will all be spawned within the arena and the last person standing will win a “LoneWolf” package from our store along with having their name listed on website.

If you have yet to pre-order Legion: The Eternal War you can find our package listings HERE

How to register for the event

In order to sign up and participate, players just must post their steam name on our discord channel #pvp-event HERE

Players are asked to arrive five minutes early to the Arena and will forfeit if unable to arrive in a timely manner (Such as 15 Minutes late. This is up to the discretion of our judges and the overall contest )

We will then arrange who you will be playing against in a pyramid organization style.

This is our first event. It may be messy. It may be unforgettable. But it’ll help make Legion better regardless. We are beyond excited to see you in the arena and crown the victor.

The one who will Never Fall. 

Nexus Division

For those with any questions or suggestions about this event please leave comments below and we will respond in a timely manner.

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July 12, 2019
Looks nice. Very much like Darkfall. Can't wait to see more.

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