The Sanctuary’s Introduction

Post has published by Cody - Project Manager

What is the sanctuary?

We are considering sanctuary to have an omnipresence of the existing overworld before it became corrupted – Rhyfell, What use to of been, could be explained as a very peaceful place that will likely never be the same again.
The Lore and narrative of the game will help paint the picture of the past to help recreate the memories of Rhyfell’s purity for the player’s but likely the experience will never be restored to its normal condition.

What does it mean to “restore sanctuary”?

The overall state of the sanctuary has fallen into a corruptive curse with the opening of the rift that split the world in half, now, the entire world of Rhyfell is forced to endure the wrath of the under-dwelling portal which lays below the surface.

All players of the game all have the same global quest when it comes to restoring the sanctuary, we do not intend to create this quest so the players follow a direct storyline, what we really want is for players to create history instead of following it.

This global quest line allows influence from of all players depending on their ability to work together and solve the mysteries of Rhyfell, players will have the opportunity to be engraved within history as we will be incorporating interactive and influential storyline features that allow you to make your mark on each game server, history will never be forgotten in this world and we will ensure the past is remembered through means of narrative and lore.

More to come…

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