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    i haven’t played a lot but i will give me feeling about the game and my feedback so far

    My First impression : the non-targeting combat was very regardless for lacking a lot due to the game current state and the game’s atmosphere was enough to get me engaging with it and the game performance was very good for me

    thing need to fix in my very basic opinion:
    -the actions in the game must be immediate not holding the key for changing the weapon\spell
    -there must be fall damage
    -the player must take damage from behind while running\walking
    -there must be some cooldown for the spells
    -(i don’t know if this one of the game’s mechanics like some Elder Scrolls games but the weapon isn’t hitting everytime)
    -the fireball must have zone damage
    -this isn’t related to combat but i see it would be better to see the player face

    that what i have noticed so far sorry for my bad language and if i can hear your vision about the pve game’s content
    Keep the good work going !

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