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    Throughout this post, I will be going over my experience with the Alpha version 1.0

    While engaging in the server-wide free for all that broke out the moment people got into the server I quickly discovered the only real way to engage in combat with a chance of winning is using the Fireball. The Fireball seems to be rather overpowered as it will consume 33.33333% Of someone’s health meaning it only takes three hits to kill someone. Whereas Melee takes around 5-6 hits and it MUCH harder to connect. Due to having no Crosshair on the screen and not locking onto a target, it makes Aiming rather hard.
    The healing spell does not work and you’re unable to use it on yourself.

    – Melee is useless due to Fireballs being Overpowered.
    – Melee is far too hard to hit.
    – No Crosshair to aid with aiming.
    – Fireball distance feels way too far. You’re able to snipe people with it.
    – Healing spell does not work and you’re unable to use it on your self.

    Exploration of the world
    During my time exploring the world, I found a number of small issues with the map such as Trees not having a collision mesh, Texture overlapping on some objects due to how the items have been placed. Some area’s too high to be able to walk over. Some things left Un collided so you fall through them / walk through them. Parts of the world where you can walk under the floor. Some other minor issues with collision meshes and how things have been placed.

    – Trees do not collide
    – Overlapping on objects that have been placed in the world.
    – Doors too small for doorway’s
    – Objects left un collided
    – Parts of the world un collided so you can stand under the world.
    – Some Objects not sized correctly.

    Link to Gathered pictures: https://imgur.com/a/3RbAkYE

    Movement feels okay however changing direction too quickly feels a little clunky and I feel it could be cleaned up a little to make it feel a little more fluid and the same goes with the combat. I feel the melee attack feels a little clunky and repetitive. I feel if clicking more than once went into a simple three slash combination the action would feel more fluid.

    What I would like to see done:

    – Map to be cleaned up a little and small issues worked out to create a more polished testing map such as trees not colliding. Object’s Collision issues Etc etc

    – I would like to see Melee tweaked a little more to help bring it into more of use.

    – Fireballs distance and damage to be heavily nerfed to stop it from being the only option for combat.

    – Healing to be fixed to work an a way to use it on your self.

    – Animation to be cleaned up on Movement and Melee attacking

    – Crouching to be added

    – Sound issues to be fixed. You can hear things that other people are doing very far away that you can’t see at all.

    – Local and Global chat.

      Overall I had a lot of fun and I see a lot of potential for this project. I hope to see it grow and polish.

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    I agree with most everything that you said. A few more thoughts (note: I’m only focusing on suggestions for improvement. There are a lot of great things about the base game so far!)

    1. Fireball was more powerful than sword because the generated character was a lvl 10 mage.
    2. I agree that the option to show cursor would be nice for casting / aiming.
    3. Heal didn’t seem to be proportional (way too low) to the amount of damage caused
    4. day/night cycle was a bit too quick. I make the cycle longer and then do a 80/20 or 75/25 split for day/night
    5. Player names faded away too small when players were just a short distance away.
    6. A recall/self-destruct spell or something for when you get stuck
    7. To make the alpha testing a little more fun, it would be cool to have a leader board for enemy kills 😀
    8. A way to choose your name on login instead of defaulting to steam username would be nice.
    9. Casting spells: Maybe get spell ready when mouse is pressed (take away mp) and then release the spell when mouse is released. This way you can get a spell ready and know that it will shoot as soon as you let go. If you just click (press and release immediately) then it shoots the spell as soon as it’s ready.
    10. We need a way to ping others to let them know where we are on the map. I’m thinking a beam of light that goes straight up in the sky or something. There could be different pings for friends, enemies, and party/guild.

    There will definitely be more to come.

    Lastly: It was a lot of fun jumping around and killing each other with fireball. The game seems to respond very well to interactions. I did not notice any lag at all (USA).

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