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    We as developers have thought of many designs that would allow a player to enhance their characters, Over this time we have attempted thought towards stats and skill points, Although that just didn’t seem like the correct path to be taking for a newly created game in our era.
    We have decided that players would level their characters based on what they actually did in the game, More about what they were interested in doing and the mechanics that the players wanted to exercise. This take’s place in the game as you simply play your character, If you want to play as a mage, archer, warrior… Or whatever classes we as a community decide on.. You can do all of them from the one avatar.

    There is no need for leveling multiple characters and doing massive grinds for separate classes. This all takes place passively.

    Start using magic, You will gain experience into your magic progression until you reach a level-up.

    Want to use swords and shields? Daggers or bows? It all can be leveled passively. Each individual component that the character can use will have a leveling system.

    Now how does this take place during the realistic gameplay we’ve created?

    The leveling of these components will affect damage calculations, Cast-time for spells, Resistance to magic, The amount of % you will reduce with you’re shield blocking,
    The distance and accuracy of your arrows as you projectile thing from the strings of your bow.

    Within the game, we are making all the necessary optimizations to ensure that players who can afford to play once a week vs players who can play all day long have a fair playing field.
    This means if you have the skills and tactics to overcome your foe then regardless of your time invested you could dominate, You will still have to progress your character although the point is that we don’t justify an unfair playing field and we are willing to make the necessary adjustments based on feedback from our community during testing to ensure Legion: The Eternal War becomes a fair competitive environment.

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    I absolutely love that you guys are working with this type of progression systems. I have been playing a game called Albion Online for years now, and what keeps me coming back is that whatever activity I do, I gain exp towards it. Looking forward to testing and streaming the game this weekend!

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    Thanks for your response!

    We have alot planned for this title, however, please understand that we are at early stages of development.

    Our goals are to work directly with the community such as yourself to ensure we make the correct decisions in regards to programming and design.

    The test this weekend will contain some direction towards our pvp combat but the progression aspect is still to be developed.

    We do plan to move things along much faster based on the support we receive from our community pledges.
    Our intentions are to hire a second programmer to make this game even faster and hopefully release early access september

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