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    I’m a sucker in games when it comes to crafting weapons. I am a bit disappointed though when a boss is the only way to get one of the best armors though. Maybe have a sort of armor passive skill that levels up as you work with different crafting. Maybe have a sort of “Material expertise” so if you work more with Iron, you make better tools, weapons, and armors when working with that material. Mastering a single material makes it easier to master the next material as well. If you have mastered Iron smithing, then maybe you can master steel smithing a bit easier, and this would work for all materials you can craft with. Also, maybe Link smithing with blunt weapon mastery (because you’re working with giant hammers and heavy metals), and woodworking with dagger mastery (working with small knives), Weaving is maybe linked with lockpicking (delicate touch), Farming with spear mastery and cooking (working with pitchforks and food), ect. Just a number of my ideas regarding crafting.

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    Thanks for your posting!
    We will consider this information and you will hear back from us on it as we enter our beta phase.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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