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    First, let’s have a look at what Passive Skills are and how they impact the gameplay.

    Passive Skills are skills that occur passively as you are playing the game, This directly ties into our Progression System and if the concrete pillar of the progression system itself, Throughout the game you will find yourself doing many activities in order to gain traction in the game.
    This breaks down to what we can do in Legion: The Eternal War and why the passive skills assist your abilities.

    Passive Skills List:


    Players can mine for ores and minerals in the game which will be based on probability from embedded calculations which tye to the passive skill itself. Some ores may be rarer than others and will require you to have a higher skill % in mining to either equip a pickaxe made from tough enough material to mine the ore Or to simply raise your chance’s of breaking off useable ore fragments.
    In conclusion, the higher your passive skill is with mining, the more you can mine and will obtain from mining raises.

    Farming & Cooking

    Legion: The Eternal War offers expandability for encouraged systems and ideas one of these systems being farming and cooking, We will discuss both of these together due to their relevance.
    The game premises takes players to enjoy ownership of their own castle’s, This is where you, your guild and alliance members can spend the majority of your time within legion. Within the castle you will have many available functions, Two of these functions that we are more focused on are the cooking and farming aspects.
    Farming land will take place outside of the castle, Outside the defense walls to be more specific, Player’s can prep large sections of land for stages of vegetation, They will plant seeds, Water crops and eventually harvest the material to be carried back into the castle by horse and carriage.

    Some of these crops include but are not limited to Corn, Wheat, barley, Apples, Oranges, Lettuce, Pumpkins, Cow farms, Pig farms, Chicken Coops, And the list goes on. The possibilities of how in-depth this system could go is meant to encourage creativity in regards to… Using cows for leather, Milk, cheese, breeding and even selling animals to friendly alliance’s.
    The vegetables and cooking aspects take place within the castle as players can prepare special recipes which can add bonuses to your passive skill stats and feed the players which will keep them healthy as they survive long adventure’s into unknown lands.

    Given our strong desire for the medieval theme, There is a likely chance the players will be using pre-dated mechanics in order to accompany all the systems within the game.

    Horse Passive Skill

    Not everyone can simply ride a horse with confidence and accuracy right from birth, We have intentions to create a system that the player will have to gain experience to master horse riding, This takes effect with the idea that the horse and controls become sharper with quicker responses over time. The speed and abilities of the horse also increase as you will be able to perform jumps to surpass particular obstacles, Make sharp turns to shake your enemies in a chase, Call your horse from a distance, and gain replenishable speed multipliers to push your horse faster as seen in some games similar to Zelda OOT.
    By simply riding your horse you become attached to the particular animal and both you and the horse you ride will each have its own experience and level to raise. The bond between animals and person is amazing and we plan to express just that.

    Magic, Cast-time and Mana Consumption

    The fantasy takes strong emphasis when we include the magical aspects of Legion: The Eternal War, The concept of magic within the game premises takes place way back within our first trailer released in 2018, “The Crystals, The essence of magic itself”. The power of magic is contained within the magical crystals found deep within the planets cave systems, The crystals have become more exposed with the Rift that separated the two alliances years ago, However, most are mined and consumed… Magic is rare and respected these days with limited crystals it has become a difficult role to master.
    With a staff in-hand players can use the power of the crystals to cast an assortment of rare and dangerous spells, These spells are learned over time from learning and reading ancient scriptures in carved on walls in caves, being taught the spells from the games lore characters as quests & training, received from creatures upon death as an item, Or even traded with other players in the form of consumable scrolls and tombs.

    There are multiple ways to learn spells in the game, However, they are always bound to the staff that is being used at the time of learning. Players can attach up to 5 different spells within their staff and use the F1-F2-F3-F4-F5 keys to draw out the power.
    Spells are able to be added and removed from enchantment tables, Given the realistic approach of our systems, Players can only carry one staff at a time and are specifically limited to weight. There are zero inventory systems in this game, and very minimal interfaces, We want to use as little User Interface in the game as possible to bring a truly unique release experience.

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