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    These are just suggestions, not all mine some others from our play session on 7/14/19.
    Not 100% where you all want to go with the game as to the level of realism.

    On foot combat or traveling
    – Fall Damage which causes a small stun and reduces sprinting speed.
    – Bleeding Damage from Swords / Spears
    – Cripple Strikes from Axes / Maces
    – Shield Bash / Push
    – Axe Skill of shield pulling
    – Horse w chains for pulling at gates and doors.
    – Train attack dog to aid in combat
    – Staircase damage for walls and such
    – Breaking glass windows
    – Destruction to All wooden sorts ( Doors, Walls, Stairs, Roofs, Support beams, floors etc )

    Features Suggestions
    – Crosshairs
    – Voice Chat for allies
    – Team Kill removed or add a way toggle off when in friendly zones
    – Stow / Wield Weapon / Shield
    – Coating weapon with oil and adding fire type based damage of burning
    – UI to toggle key to rotate to see the front of your player
    – UI to move Health and Skill Resource bar around
    – UI target view and target locking
    – UI map system at least to see where you are and allies
    – Screen flash of some kind of color when you take damage

    These are some of my suggestions and those who played with you all today.

    Beyond such can wait to see what is in store for future.

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    Future playing today 7/15/2019

    Just observations may one say and suggestions on some of the following.

    -true range decrease of fireball with arcing type shooting same with all range base
    – duel wielding weapons but left click does weapon one and right click does weapon two
    – weapon swapping with the manner of true changing of weapons like melee to ranged or making sure to show like a spear on hammer on the back or hanging from the side of the body
    – all shown equip even say bows, or spears, hammers as secondary weapons take damage if stow away as swap equipment
    – Climbing type skill for say ledges or short cliffs when using the Interaction Hotkey would be nice.0
    – anti-siege defense suggestion using wood to build wooden spikes to block say battering rams until destroyed.
    – crouch type skill for hiding behind rocks or laying low in bushes
    – Sounds for Doors and gates opening and close ( not heard )
    – Sound for jumping and landing ( not heard )
    – Sound of the avatar jump like a grunt or anything ( not heard )
    – Skill if using fireball / Lighting ( by the chance to start a fire ) torches to burn down wooden structures
    – Heal other type of skill
    – The suggestion of making the blue bar be both magic and stamina usage as a universal resource for any skill usage to show of one becoming tried
    – poorly unrepaired equip will be exposed one suffer from conditions of bleeding, poison, being burnt and etc/
    – Poorly unrepaired boots will reduce the speed of sprinting
    – Poorly unrepaired gloves will reduce the accuracy of hitting a target or being able to block using a shield
    – poorly unrepaired shield will reduce the manner of blocking an attack
    – Type of armor effects how fast you can sprint
    – type of helmet effects how you can see into the distance
    – iron gates do not close maybe add a lever that does such an action
    – armor type affect how high one can jump
    – how much carrying affect how high on can jump or react using shield or weapons
    – remove being able to see enemy health or name until they are hit( this I feel will help others know who is an enemy and not at least in a far or people trying to sneak around.

    BUG ( hard to share screenshot but )
    -the glitch of when open door avatar looks like they kinda jump throw the door as the door opens.

    side thought

    long term though
    Donkeys – Horses – Wagons
    for carrying goods from one town to another as a quest or if having per town bank storage to transport large amounts of goods and if adding a housing system and so forth.

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