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    Prologue: The Tutorial

    Player arrives at Rhyfell as a Hosnuan refugee. On an isolated tutorial island, they learn the basic mechanics of the game, and they learn about how the elves and humans are battling a war over the Crystals, a power source sprung from their land

    Chapter 1: Choosing a side

    After reaching the mainland, the player will meet Isaac, who warns them about a coming danger. The Blight that ravaged Hosnua has damaged Seren-Ra as well, driving all populations toward the civil war. The player investigates the Cystals, and discover a series of corrupted monsters spawning from caves, along with a one-word message: “Lorelei.” Isaac tells the player to choose a side, but do so with the intent of investigating the potential threat. The player then chooses whether they want to fight for the elves or the humans.

    Chapter 2: Joining the battle

    Players then join the battle on whichever side they discovered, performing main and side quests to familiarize themselves with the land, the characters, and the lore. The center of the lore is the story of King Drannor and Queen Meira, the last heroes that stood a chance of keeping the two races united. Unfortunately, they were slain, and no one knows why.

    Chapter 3: Uprising

    During a key mission, the plan is sabotaged by a group of corrupted monsters. They are led by a man in a mask. Reports come of sightings from the Murmuri Grove related to the masked men. Following the lead, under Isaac’s instruction, the player discovers that Murmuri Grove, the elven outpost, is completely overrun by the masked men. Through a quest to hunt down their leader, they discover that the masked men are part of a group called the Cult of Dura. Dura was the name of the continent before it was established as Rhyfell, and equality reigned between elves and humans. The group wishes to restore humans as the dominant force, driving all other races out. If the player is an elf, they hunt down and destroy the cult. If the player is a human, they may do the same, but they may instead strike a deal with the group.

    Chapter 4: Investigation

    After reporting what they’ve learned to Isaac, the player will need to investigate the clues they discovered in their raid of the Cult of Dura. This takes them on an odyssey to the north, where they will visit areas including the resting place of the first elf and the headquarters of ultimate magic-users. They will fight larger, more powerful enemies, and deal with the civil war on a global scale. During this time, they will hear rumors that Drannor and Meira are still alive, hiding out from the conflict. This will inspire hope in both the player and Isaac, thinking that they could reunite the two races against their common enemy.

    Chapter 5: Downfall

    The next time that the player visit’s Isaac’s hideout, they will instead teleport to a version that is completely ransacked. Isaac is gone, replaced by a bloody scene. In the midst of the mess will stand a little girl. She tells them that Isaac has been taken prisoner, and they must accompany her to rescue him. She will not offer her identity, nor will she answer any other questions. She then takes the characters on a journey, through both time and space, to tell a story. A story of how endless conflict is destroying everything that was once pure about the world, one that demonstrates some cause about why a vengeful force might want to destroy everything. In the sequence, the player will visit some exotic locales and fight some insane story-based enemies.

    Chapter 6: Annihilation

    Once the player returns, they must join the battle taking place in the south of the world. As the largest ongoing clash, the fight must be massive, involving both PCs and NPCs, over a hefty stash of Crystals. The player must fulfill a certain amount of objectives, completely annihilating the opposing side. This proves the point of the little girl about the violence inherent to both elves and humans, but it’s the only way that the player may survive. After the fight is done, the player must meet the girl again at the center of the Rift, in order to save Isaac.

    Chapter 7: Balance

    The player arrives at the Rift, and they are taken to an alternate dimension–the source of the corrupted creatures. Fighting through the creatures, they discover signs and clues along the way that point to Drannor and Meira. They head through, and they discover a section of the world where the dead may speak to the living. The heroes discover the voices of Drannor and Meira, who explain that, indeed, they are dead. There is no way to end the Eternal War, just like there is no way to ever achieve peace, but existence always involves some measure of conflict. To fight is to live. However, the player cannot let the light of existence go out. They can save Isaac, and let Rhyfell live on. They can defend the Crystals, ensuring that no one can abuse them for their own selfish purposes. Finally, they can defeat Lorelei, the vengeful Subterranean God, and protect the two races. Even if they may be battling in an unstoppable battle, they still both have value in existence.

    Chapter 8: The Reckoning

    The player is granted a magical weapon enhancement from Drannor and Meira, one that is extremely powerful. They then must continue on, to find Isaac and Lorelei. Lorelei gives a final-act speech, then allows the player to rescue Isaac. The pair then proceed to the climactic finale, where they must defeat three different forms of Lorelei in three different locations. Other players will probably be helping them out on the same quest, so it will be a group effort to defeat her. If they lose, they will simply be spawned outside of the dungeon, but then they can spawn back in when they’re strong enough to contend.

    Chapter 9: Redemption

    Lorelei, the Subterranean God, is dead. The Blight is being reversed, and some semblance of sanity has returned to Rhyfell. The conflict still exists, but now has settled, no longer seeming like the end of the world. Some corrupted creatures still roam the land, and there is much work to be done in the war, but the two races are no longer on course to drive each other to extinction. Isaac and the player contemplate the meaning of existence before he decides to leave, to rebuild his homeland of Seren-Ra. He urges the player to do the same, but the player recognizes the responsibility bestowed upon them by the heroes of a lost age. They choose to stay in Rhyfell, and the main quest ends.

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