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    Welcome to our forums!

    It is here, in this place, where Legion players have the chance to engage over all aspects of Legion: The Eternal War and have a huge impact in the direction of Legion.

    We want to see our community touch on topics that push others to have rich conversations about Legion. We want to hear your ideas, see ways to improve our game, and watch this community create something beautiful.

    Better yet, we promise that we will listen. We covet those noisy gamers who let us know about UI issues or compile bug-lists. As obnoxious as it might feel to have your flaws discovered or exposed, that is the only way we can make things better. We want to hear that strange maverick idea you’ve always had for the perfect MMO system but never seen implemented. We want to hear from you! In time this game, the lore, the world will grow and we hope that being part of that journey together will be as memorable as our battles over The Rift.

    We cannot make Legion alone. And honestly, we don’t want too. It’s in this community and the fellowship of other players that we’ll see Legion thrive and grow into the game we dream of. Thank you for supporting us on our journey to make something epic. It’s you, our fanbase, that’ll make Legion timeless.

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