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We need your help. You are part of Legion. We are Legion. 

Legion is a game built by fans and for fans. And we couldn’t build it without the voice of our loyal community.

Our vision and passion for Legion is great but it’s important we always keep our team in-tune with the community around us. When you give direct feedback to us, we take the time to think through and see what the community wants. And that’s why we want to hear from you right now.

Throughout the summer we plan to release regular updates, most often on weekends, until our early access launch. We want to know what you, the player, see and desire to be changed, improved, and iterated upon. What should be implemented? Should combat improve before world design? Do you need more lore? Is our UI terrible?   

You can help us immensely by contributing to our website’s forum and adding your input on what Legion is doing well and what Legion needs to improve upon. Tell us why you didn’t enjoy the recent build, tell us why you loved the latest change. Share it all!

We promise to comb through the forums and read it as a development team. Not a community management team. When you speak to us, you speak to the creators, builders, and crafters that plan to make Legion something epic.

We’ll do our best to respond, engage with you, and implement your ideas (Even if only to test them and see how they work). 

We are offering open Alpha tests for the community to try Legion in the earliest stages of development but eventually, we’ll close the doors for some rigorous internal Beta testing (Comprised of backers and supporters of Legion). This summer we are briefly offering a discount code (IWILLSUPPORT) for those who really believe in us and believe in a communal project. Early purchases help us support Legion and help us grow faster as we continue to focus on upping our quality. In the early stages of development, this will help us fill The Eternal War with new assets, hire additional programmers and provide faster game servers!

Once again, thank you for joining us, we hope you’ll help make Legion a timeless classic in PC Gaming history.

To contribute on our forums  HERE

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You can support Legion: The Eternal War HERE

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