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The world of legion has been divided by a giant rift. -This is a place holder text as you are currently viewing this while in development

Siklas Mountain: Many resources can be found within this mountainous area, These resources consist of rare minerals which can be used in item creation such as, armor and weaponry, creation of mana and even health potions. There are many caves and unexplored caverns which go deep below the surface of the world. Dragons and other mythological creatures thrive within the mountainous biomes, although only experienced players should ever dabble in their territory.

Munorukhs Dessert: The Dessert biome brings many unique life forms, creatures, and animals. The resources are low and the climate is uncontrolled, Many parish in its extreme climate if ill-prepared. The dessert has some hidden secrets which bring value to its existence.

Naxarus Hideout: A very old historic site which holds many unsolved mysteries from ancient times, Players can explore the context of the game and read more about what Naxarus Hideout has to offer while playing Legion: The Eternal War.

Rift Core: The portal to the underworld exists within the core of the rift, Players have the ability to travel to the twilight and enter the world of the dead. Here will contain creatures of all kinds that only travel within the darkness of the night.

Anathurien: The Human city, Players who are joined with the human alliance can pass through the gates of the human city and enter the sacred land protected by the humans from elf contact. Elf can raid the human city and enter the land, However, that chance remains low.

Balnuran Watergate: The Watergate to enter the underwater caverns, It’s not clear how to enter Balnuran although many have visited and returned to tell the tale.

Thardorin Fort: A ghost-town fortress has been taken over siege by the darkness of the rift, Players can attempt to cure the land of evil and restore
Thardorin Fort to what it once was said to be.

Vlirtaas Forest: The existence of a forest temple has fallen under corruption with no promise for correction, Players can visit and attempt to cure the land at their own free will.

Nilfaarim: The capital of the elf alliance, The Nilfaarim holds the gate to the sacred elf territory. Players who belong to the elf alliance can travel behind the city which is considered free from all human race. In front of the city is PvP zone while behind the city is PvE, however, that can all change if the humans raid the Elf city and manage to break through the sacred gateway which would put everyone at risk.

Feldoraan Pass: A huge ice-biome which contains an ancient iron mining operation which has been vacated due to extremely cold temperatures.

Rakhshamuna: Legend of Rakhshamuna portrays its existence as a place of no return, Deeply related to the Balnuran Watergate it also connects to the dark underwater caverns.

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